We offer an unrivalled portfolio of global satcom solutions and value-added services to keep you connected at all times – whether travelling on land, at sea or in the air. No matter where your business takes you, you can rely on Inmarsat for all your mission-critical communications.

We ensure you’re never beyond reach

Inmarsat was set up in 1979 by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to enable ships to stay in constant touch with shore or to call for help in an emergency, no matter how far out to sea.

Today our customers are found in many different sectors – but they are typically businesses and organisations that need to communicate where terrestrial telecom networks are unreliable or simply cannot reach.

Global phones and broadband internet

As well as merchant shipping, our customers include governments, airlines, the broadcast media, the oil and gas industry, mining, construction, and humanitarian aid agencies – to name just a few.

They connect to our fleet of 10 satellites using a range of equipment, including global handheld satellite phones and notebook-size broadband internet devices, as well as specialist terminals and antennas fitted to ships, aircraft and road vehicles.

Our coverage

We currently operate 10 satellites in geosynchronous orbit, which means their position appears to be fixed when viewed from the Earth.

We position our satellites to transmit radio beams in two global configurations, four covering the oceans and three the major landmasses. Their combined footprints provide seamless worldwide communications coverage, except in the extreme Polar Regions.

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